Crewing company

A crewing company provides camera crew hire and other services to the media industry. Usual business activity is to provide anything from freelance television crew, production companies to PR. Crewing companies should be able to provide freelance DOPs, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants and Sound Recordists or entire camera crews for any kind of production.  

Curtain Lining Blackouts

Use our linings as an alternative to blackout curtain lining to give a good drape or solve the problem of light showing through at the stitches on Roman Blinds.

Sealer for Travertine

AdSeal UltraStone is specifically designed as Clay Paviors, Stone, Slate and travertine sealer, plus many moreStandard co-polymers sealers DO NOT adhere correctly to these natural products so, working initially with eminent chemical engineers and, more recently with Bolton University we have developed this exceptional resin sealer.

Headlice Treatments

We need to see your child for treatment for headlice three times with 4 days between each visit - guerrilla warfare at its best. This way we hunt the terrors down and flush them out, breaking the nit/lice cycle. We'll clear them all out, the nits and the lice - that's guaranteed.

A footage library holds still and video shots

A footage library holds stock footage, and similarly, archive footage of library pictures, film, and video footage. This footage may or may not be custom shot for use in a specific film or television program. The footage library can be open to the public or a private or associations footage. It offers beneficial use to filmmakers as it is sometimes less expensive than shooting new material.

european ,transport system,project management


European has a vast way of definitions. European can be a person who lives in Europe or who is born in Europe or even who has a European Nationality. Some people also use word ‘European’ to define the first White Americans which is a very incorrect term for this definition. Moreover, you cannot interchange white and European with each other. A person who is a descendant of a European ethnic group is also known as European. European American is used to describe the culture of the White American. Therefore, European does not just have one definition but it has a vast explanation. Every person has a different way of explaining the word European and European can be used in different ways in modern English. You can use it in any way you want, but make sure that the word makes sense and is well emerged in the sentence. Otherwise, it will change the whole meaning.

Transport systems

A transport network, or transportation network in American English, is typically a network of roads, streets, pipes, aqueducts, power lines, or nearly any structure which permits either vehicular movement or flow of some commodity. The history of transport system dates back hundreds, even thousands of years. In modern times there are a variety of transport systems that people make use of to commute. These are many types of automobiles, trains and planes. And there are the ships and the boats too. One of the modern types of transport system that is being tried out commercially is the Meglav train. This is a high speed transportation system that takes us of magnetic levitation to propel the train to run at high speeds. The public Maglev train that runs in Shanghai attains a cruising speed of 431 km per hour. The ride is smooth and one does not even get the feel of the fast speed at which the train is travelling.

Project management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. It is a managerial exercise where various components of the task force have to be looked into including the time frame and a constant eye kept on resources. A project means any work not matter hat the scale which has a starting time frame often called the gestation period and a completion date. Project management strives to see that delays don’t occur as the project is being executed. In any project execution a delay means financial loss. A long delay could sometimes play havoc on the execution of a project itself as cost estimates may run out of control leaving the project gasping for fresh funds. Fresh input of funds has to come from the executor of the project and this means lowering of profit estimates or even a loss.